Agility Gym

Trainer: leslie
Duration: 8 weeks between 01-04-2020 and 31-05-2020
Launch: Currently Running

Course Details

Agility Gym

A 6 Week Class

Learn a complete work out each week from the foundation through multiple progressions. Each work out will be specifically aimed towards an agility skill like jumping, weaving, or stopped contacts. Other work outs will be aimed at specific muscle groups including the Iliopsoas and other core muscles.

Each work out will include a warm-up and a main set to work on. At least 2 levels of each exercise will be presented and Dr. Leslie will help you determine which level is appropriate for your dog.

Discussion can include planning work outs for the entire year based on your agility schedule and use of marker signals to improve your dog’s fitness.

Video of the entire work out will be posted with explanation and discussion of proper posture. Then separate video will show the foundation movements needed for the work out and progressions.

Self Guided Study!

Unlimited Auditors

Posts will be checked at least once a day, unless otherwise noted on the General Forum.

Fitness equipment is recommended. Most exercises can be done in a small space, but some will require room for the dog to get up to full speed running (20-30 feet). 

About leslie

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine practice limited to Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation. I graduated from Colorado State University in 2006 and completed my Canine Rehabilitation Therapist certificate in 2012. I am currently working at Animal Surgical Clinic of Seattle running the Rehabilitation department and completing a residency to become board certified in sports medicine and rehabilitation.

Seasoned agility competitor for the past 15 years with multiple dogs competing at a national level.

My interest in sports medicine comes from years of competitive swimming and injuries of my own. I understand competing at a high level while still taking care of the body even as it is pushed to the brink of its capabilities. 

I currently run 2 dogs in agility. My Border Collie Stig competed at the AKC European Open Tryouts and AKC NAC 2018. Stig and my Australian Shepherd, Ghost both competed at the UKI US Open 2018 with Ghost finishing 9th in Speedstakes in the 20" class and Stig finishing 7th in the Games Challenge in the 24" class.

I have previously competed in Flyball, Obedience, Rally, Herding and Disc Dog. 



Course Classes

Agility Gym Instructions and Dictionary - (Closed)

Please familiarize yourself with the Instruction File and the Fit Form™ Dictionary Videos. You will find these on the Course Home Page towards the bottom (keep scolling down - you will see them).

General Forum - (Closed)

Please check the General Forum regularly for announcements and discussion. While this is a self guided tutorial, I will check in regularly to the General Forum to help answer questions. Make this YOUR class - you should feel free to help each other out and post videos of you trying the workouts with your dogs.

There is an Equipment Thread for all students to comment suggestions they have for using different objects in place of store bought fitness equipment.

Auditors Can Post Questions and Comments on the General Forum - (Closed)

Calling all auditors!!!

You are welcome to post questions or comment in the General Forum. There are quite a lot of good threads are there, so please join in.

Week 1: Core To The Max - (Closed)

Core to the Max

          Warm-up: Trotting Poles, Figure 8's, Down to Stand

          Work Out: 

          Foundations: Down to Stand, Bridge on Fitbones, Paw Pod Targeting

          Progressions: Down to Stand on an Incline/Decline, Bridge on Donuts or Peanuts, Paw Pod Targeting on


          Combinations --> Stand on an Incline/Decline with Individual Paw Targeting, Bridge on Donuts/Peanuts with

                     Individual Paw Targeting, Down to Stand on Paw Pods, Fitbones, Donuts, or Peanuts.

Week 2: Jumping Blast Off! - (Closed)

Jumping Take Off

          Warm-up: Figure 8's, Rock Back Sit to Push Forward Stand, Hind Limb Pivots

          Work Out

          Foundations: Hops, Squats, Step Ups

          Progressions: Hops on Equipment; Power Ups, Pylometrics

Week 3: Weave Wonders - (Closed)


          Warm-up: Trotting Rails, Figure 8's, Front Limb Pivots

          Work Out:

          Foundations: Circles; Tic Tac Toe; Play Bows

          Progressions: Front Limb Pivots; Push Ups; Step Down

          Bonus Exercise: Accel/Decel

Week 4: Iliowhatsit - (Closed)


          Warm-up: Trotting Rails; Figure 8's; Cookie Stretch; 

          Work Out

          Foundations: Rear Paw Target, Bridge, Individual Rear Paw Target Steps

          Progressions: Rainbow, Mountain Climbers, Hiccup

          Bonus: Diagonal Stand

Week 5: Landing Lunatics - (Closed)

          Warm-up: Walking Backwards, Figure 8's, Down ---> Stand

          Work Out:

          Foundations: Rear Paw Target; Front Limb Pivots; Rock Back Sit

          Progressions: Landing Bobs with Pivots; Advanced Step Downs

Week 6: 3..2..1..Contact - (Closed)

          Warm-up: Trotting Poles, Sit to Stand, Play Bow Push-Ups

          Work Out: 

          Foundations: Crawl, Rear Paw Target, Push-Ups

          Progressions: Shuttle Runs/Acceleration-Deceleration, Advanced Step Downs, Advanced Landing Hops