Trainer: Toni dawkind
Duration: 8 weeks between 09-12-2018 and 03-02-2019
Launch: Currently Running

Course Details

I see a lot of dogs with startline problems while teaching and most people use one of two reasons; 1. my dog has no self control 2. my dog is worried on the line My answer to both is to make your wait fun!! If you dog is crazy then it's your job to make the wait a crazy thing to do If your dog is worried then let's make it so much fun to stay that the worry goes away Of course there are other problems associated with the start, e.g. focus on the first jump or speed (lack of) on release These are also trainable and will be covered in the course Let me know what other issues you have and I will make sure I cover them Toni xx

Course Classes

Week 1 Crate

The crate is to teach self control From the beginning your dog needs to show this So, however long this takes you need to wait for him/her to work it out for themselves.

Week 1 focus

First jump focus stage one

Week 1 Set up

Set up position

Week 1 On off switch

A useful skill to help your dog switch on and calm down when needed