Weaving Wizards: Conditioning for Weave Pole Perfection

Trainer: leslie
Duration: 6 weeks between 02-01-2018 and 28-02-2018
Launch: Currently Running

Course Details

This course is geared toward exercises to strengthen the dog’s shoulders specifically for the movement needed to complete the weave poles in agility. Shoulder injuries can effect your dog's performance. While the shoulders take high impact forces when jumping, the most impact seems to occur while weaving. Your dog does NOT need to be able to do 12 weave poles in a straight line to be in this class. You do NOT need previous canine fitness/conditioning experience. 

Through the lecture material you will learn tips on training for conditioning such as:

-training duration behaviors

-training calmness during exercise

-chaining behaviors together

The lectures will also cover anatomy and physiology of the canine shoulder and why certain injuries might be occurring. 

Lectures are put up each week. You can expect 2-3 lectures each week. Discussion is encouraged. Lectures will be posted one day before Assignments, so that you have time to digest the information before working on your assignment.

Assignments will be posted weekly. Each week you will get 1-2 exercises to complete. Feed back will be given on training techniques, form/function of the exercise, and workout guidance (sets, repetitions, duration, etc). Each week there will be a new exercise and a progression of a previous exercise (except week 1). By the end of 6 weeks, each Working Spot will have created a personal conditioning plan.

Recommended Equipment: 

Plank (optional but recommended), Instability equipment - exercise can be adapted, but instructor will use Balance Pad, Disc, Fitbone, Donut, and Peanut, 2x2 Weaves (only 1 set required), Jump Wings - 4, Two Cones or Jump Stanchions 

Treats, toy, clicker, and a positive attitude.

Most exercises can be done in a small space like a 6’x6’ room. A few of the exercise incorporate speed and need more room, a minimum of 10’.

About leslie

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine practice limited to Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation. I graduated from Colorado State University in 2006 and completed my Canine Rehabilitation Therapist certificate in 2012. I am currently working at Animal Surgical Clinic of Seattle running the Rehabilitation department and completing a residency to become board certified in sports medicine and rehabilitation.

Seasoned agility competitor for the past 15 years with multiple dogs competing at a national level.

My interest in sports medicine comes from years of competitive swimming and injuries of my own. I understand competing at a high level while still taking care of the body even as it is pushed to the brink of its capabilities. 

I currently run 2 dogs in agility. My Border Collie Stig competed at the AKC European Open Tryouts and AKC NAC 2018. Stig and my Australian Shepherd, Ghost both competed at the UKI US Open 2018 with Ghost finishing 9th in Speedstakes in the 20" class and Stig finishing 7th in the Games Challenge in the 24" class.

I have previously competed in Flyball, Obedience, Rally, Herding and Disc Dog. 



Course Classes


Week 1 Shoulder Anatomy and Isometric Strengthening - (Closed)

Start of isometric shoulder strengthening in a neutral position.

Prep For Week 2 Class - (Closed)

Weave Video

Week 2 Shoulder Abduction and Continued Isometric Strengthening - (Closed)

Progressing the 3-legged Stand and when to use it.

Adding Shoulder Abduction Movement

Imitate how the dog weaves in an exercise.

Shoulder Abduction Progressions - (Closed)

Weave movement with the front legs made more difficult

Week 3 Eccentric Strengthening for Deceleration - (Closed)

Progressions - (Closed)

Make the exercises you have already learned more difficult. The progressions will also incorporate more of the whole body.

Week 4 - Push Ups - (Closed)

Two Types That Work Very Different Muscles

Push Up Progression - (Closed)

Push Ups on 2 Fitbones

Training Mechanics Lecture - (Closed)

Duration and Encouraging Calmness - (Closed)

Behavior Chains vs Sequences - (Closed)

Week 5: Changing Instability and Shuttle Runs - (Closed)

Isometric Shoulder Strengthening 360

Shuttle Runs

Challenge: Diagonal Stand - (Closed)

Shaping Challenge

Medial Shoulder Syndrome - (Closed)

Definition of the Injury

General Treatment Plan

Week 6 Combinations & Workouts - (Closed)

3-legged Stand Push-up

Weave Obstacle Course

Calmness Conditioning - (Closed)

Shaping Builds Body Awareness - (Closed)

Training Methods

Marker Signal