Introduction to Fitness

Trainer: Chris Kerton
Duration: 9 weeks between 16-10-2017 and 18-12-2017
Launch: Currently Running

Course Details

Is this the course for me? Is it the Magic Pill I’ve been waiting for?


You can't get what you're looking for just by paying for it. If you want it it’s yours, but you'll have to work for it.

We’ve all seen the “magic pill” adverts though. People promising you six pack abs, in six minutes a day for six days. Or the next ‘cleansing’ diet that will help with weight loss. (Don’t get me started on people paying £60 to drink aftersun lotion!!) No matter what you want from your fitness, there are a million different people, trying to sell you a million different magic potions that promise you results in an unfathomably short period of time. Do some of them work? Maybe. I mean let’s be honest, if you are substituting nutritious food with aftersun, you are going to lose weight (Yes I hate all the ‘fad’ diets)!! But is this sustainable? No. Is it enjoyable? I’d prefer some real food, with nutritional value, thanks. We won’t get into the nutritional side of things here, but no doubt I will later on.


All the fitness plans that promise a quick fix have no interest in longevity. They want you to participate in their programme, and then will cherry pick the absolute best results they are sent back, post them on social media, and then leave you with an unsustainable programme, where inevitably, the weight will creep back on.

What do you want from your fitness? I’m guessing if you’re here, you want to be able to handle your dog better? That means getting places on a course easier? Changing directions faster, with more fluency? Improving mobility? These will be improved with general physical preparedness. This is what we will be working on.

This course will offer an introduction into the “world of fitness”. Sounds good right?? It will be the introduction to training in a way that will provide you with the platform to be better equipped to tackle things in everyday life, with a specific focus on the fitness needed to be a more effective handler in Dog Agility. As with anything, the more you commit, the more you will get out of it. The harder you are willing to train, the greater the results will be at the end. It will not be easy. It is not for people who just want to give the impression they are getting fit, without any intention of putting the hard work in.  I will not be your cheerleader. I am not your rep counter.  I will not offer platitudes.  I will be here to motivate you to want to do better, and to want to be better. To help you with any questions you may have related to your fitness journey, and to try to inspire you to WANT to work harder and achieve the things you always thought unattainable.

“But I’m really unfit, I need to get fit first” – Hi there…. This is it…. This is your bus…… Get on it. It does not matter how fit you are. It does not matter how fast you are. It doesn’t matter how old you are.  I do not ask for Olympian speed or Herculean strength. I just ask for commitment, and effort. That’s all I will ask of you. If you keep talking about your problems, but never change or act on them, you want sympathy, not advice. “Tomorrow” never comes around. Neither does “Next Monday”!!! Start now.

 Do you have a dream you wish to achieve in dog agility, but your fitness is holding you back? Dreams have no deadlines. Plans however do. This is your training plan to help you achieve your dreams. 

The “Introduction to Fitness” course will last 9 weeks. The first two weeks are the initial assessments. Apart from the initial assessment week, there will be 3 sessions a week. None of the sessions will be over 60 minutes long.  Most will be between 30 – 40 minutes.  All sessions will be focusing on different aspects of fitness to improve your agility handling. As mentioned, week 1 and 2 will be the initial fitness assessment, and week 9 will be final assessments to measure improvements. The course will cost £80 for a working space, and £40 for a spectator spot. The spectators will be able to ask questions, but won’t be able to post videos or ask for feedback. Even though it's called "Introduction to Fitness", it will be suitable for all levels of fitness. Minimum equipment will be required on this course. You will need some space to workout. You will need some weight. Whether it is an actual dumbbell, or just something reasonably heavy. Between 5kg and 10kg will be ideal.  You will also need to be able to go out on a run, and have a fair idea how far you’re running. Google maps can help you with this!! All sessions will be fully explained, with videos demonstrating the movements where necessary. Every week you will be required to feed back to me your scores/times, and a video of one of the workouts per week (which will be a session that is nominated at the start of the week). I’ll be available to answer any general queries throughout the week, as well as provide feedback to the videos. The classroom environment will provide a strong community framework for which you can enter, or re-enter the world of fitness. Once finished, you can decide to take your new found fitness into the real world, and hopefully pursue it further. Or move on to one of the more advanced courses to take things to the next level. I hope that this can be the first steps towards a lifestyle change, not just another “fad”, or “weight loss challenge”

 Do you want to take your handling to the next level? Then take your fitness to the next level. See you in class. And remember:


About Chris Kerton

I have represented my country (Wales and GB) in a few multi-discipline sports, Tri-athlon, Duathlon and Surf Lifesaving. As such, i've been trained to a high level for a number of years.

I've been training for as long as i can remember, and have been passionate about my training all my adult life. My quest for improvement has always been at the forefront of my mind. I cant wait to start working with people who also share my passion for self improvement.

I got into dog agility through coming to shows with my boy, to support my wife. I had to retire from my other sports, so my thoughts went along the lines of "We have two dogs, I'm here, i may aswel have a go. Looks easy". It wasn't!

I was bitten by the agility bug straight away, and because of my competitive nature, i wanted to improve! It wasn't easy, but i love it :)

I started two years ago and me and Figaro have got to grade 7, and last year we represented Wales at the WAO's in Ermelo, Holland.

This year i am part of the management team tasked with taking the Welsh team to the WAOs 2018.



A.K.A : "The Crazy Train" & "Figgy Wig"

Figaro loves his agility, and his overriding desire is to run fast. Nothing complicated. He just loves running fast. 

He gives it full throttle every single run, and i could never ask any more from him. We have a lot of fun! I'm really grateful to be his partner.


A.K.A:  "ASBO" 

Karma is only a puppy, but she already loves her training. Her drive to work is unquestionable. She is from sheep trialling lines and hasn't quite figured out the "off switch" yet.

She loves to play with my other dogs and my son, even when they aren't so keen. She definitely has a personality far different from all our other dogs, but i love her for it, and she has already taught me a lot about training.




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Introduction to Fitness - Session 1

Introduction to Fitness - Session 2

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Introduction to Fitness - Session 17

Introduction to Fitness - Session 18

Introduction to Fitness - Session 19

Introduction to Fitness - Session 20 - Reassessment Week

Introduction to Fitness - Session 21 - Reassessment Week

Introduction to Fitness - Session 22 - Reassessment Week