Foundations for Fitness and beyond with Ann Harmes CCFT

Trainer: Ann Harmes
Duration: 8 weeks between 30-11-2021 and 11-01-2022
Launch: Currently Running

Course Details

Foundations for Fitness - an online course running for eight weeks: with Ann harmes- certified canine fitness trainer: We will focus on key foundation behaviours- essential for fitness progression Connecting with good form and movement. And progression steps which will be individualised for each handler and dog: Learn how foundation behaviours can be transferred to the equipment at appropriate levels Suitable for all dogs who are fit and well age 12 months onwards Dogs must be medically fit - and not under treatment for musculoskeletal conditions

The group content  will remain open after the class for a period of 3 months so that you can review your work over that period. One dog per handler for each working spot Working Spot You will be able to ask questions: Post Videos and progressions receive Feedback on work Learn from others work Audit You will be able to view all working spots work You will not be able to ask questions you will not receive feedback Code of conduct: All participants must be respectful to each other and leave the feedback to the instructor. Participants may use a variety of training techniques ie shaping/ Luring / Capturing but no harsh trainng methods will be permitted or harsh handling of any kind.

About Ann Harmes

My name is Ann Harmes and I am a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer/ and Master Trainer and also the Managing Director of Camdwr Canine Ltd

Here at Camddwr,We host and run many events here at our home in North Wales situated in a beautiful setting with some amazing  training facilities. 

I am very fortunate to have worked with some of the very best practitioners in the world whilst hosting Canine Conditioning Seminars here in the UK including the FitPaWS Master Trainer Live Lab. 

Together with my experience as an agility handler for some 25 years, I am grateful to be able to encompass those skills and knowledge to support canine athletes in their quest for Fitness and injury prevention. 

I hope you can join us!


Batman is my Soulmate and has helped me learn a great deal about training and Conditioning!


Tinkabelle (or fairy) is a mini American Shepherd - and is quite a charachter! Fairy is only 2 years old so just begining her agility journey with me:) a different breed and a new challenge, she makes my heart melt and we laugh alot!

Course Classes

Lesson 1 - Getting started - Foundations - (Closed)

The First week of lessons will introduce you to the fundamentals of foundation work for Fitness.

Introducing the Tuck Sit  and the Folding down and other Foundation behaviour Cues. We will discuss the importance of Good Form as we introduce basic movements to you and your dog

Lesson 2 - front and rear foot targeting and reverse - (Closed)

I week 2 we will review some of the core exercises from week 1. Please dont feel you have to move on- there is alot to accomplish in week 1 and these will be your cornerstones of good movement for future work.

Lesson 2 will focus on teaching  front and rear foot targets and the reverse.

Lesson 3 - Building the foundations - (Closed)

progression of the folding down

Nose Touch

Leg Lifts /front feet target to hand

Weight Shift


Lesson 4 - Cardio Training - (Closed)

Cardio and Flexibility for week 4

Lesson 5 - Balance and flexibility - (Closed)

Lesson 5 is balance and flexibility

you will need some poles and a plank / bench for this week but you can improvise with jump poles and a dog walk plank if you have these

Lesson 6 - Review Week - (Closed)

Review week!

Follow the details below for this week 

Lesson 7 - Our Final Week! - (Closed)

Final Week of the Foundation for Fitness Course!


Paw pods tutorial - (Closed)

as an addition this week I have added a paw pod tutorial for you