Jump Into Shape!

Trainer: Leslie Eide
Duration: 6 weeks between 15-03-2021 and 26-04-2021
Launch: Currently Running

Course Details

Fitness and Jumping to take your dog to the top of their game!

In this class we will be doing single jump exercises, jump grids, and fitness exercises specifically geared towards the muscles used for jumping. We will cover 15 different exercises over a 30 day period, then you will have 2 weeks continued feedback on exercises that still need work. 

Working spots will get the jump analyzed as well as feedback and guidance from Dr. Leslie in how to do the exercises correctly and what changes to make each step of the way. 

Equipment needed: 5 jumps, at least one needs wings. Lots of treats, enthusiasm, and optimism!

A platform for fitness exercises. Inflatable equipment can be used, but it is recommended to get guidance from Dr. Leslie.

About Leslie Eide

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine practice limited to Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation. I graduated from Colorado State University in 2006 and completed my Canine Rehabilitation Therapist certificate in 2012. I built the Rehabilitation department at Animal Surgical Clinic of Seattle until it became Sound Veterinary Rehabiliation Center. I am completing a residency to become board certified in sports medicine and rehabilitation. Currently I own and opperate The Total Canine, a veterinary sports medicine and fitness business both online and in person. 

Seasoned agility competitor for the past 15 years with multiple dogs competing at a national level.

My interest in sports medicine comes from years of competitive swimming and injuries of my own. I understand competing at a high level while still taking care of the body even as it is pushed to the brink of its capabilities. 

I currently run 2-4 dogs in agility. My Border Collie Stig competed at the AKC European Open Tryouts and AKC NAC 2018. Stig and my Australian Shepherd, Ghost both competed at the UKI US Open 2018 with Ghost finishing 9th in Speedstakes in the 20" class and Stig finishing 7th in the Games Challenge in the 24" class. In 2019, Stig finished 3rd in Speedstakes in the 22" class at the UKI US Open and Ghost finished 8th in the competitive 20" Speedstakes class. Two years in a row, Ghost was the top non-border collie in the Speedstakes class. Watson and Finnick are my young up and coming Border Collies.

I have previously competed in Flyball, Obedience, Rally, Herding and Disc Dog. 


Born in 20ll, Stig is male Border Collie. Stig is my inspiration for most of my online fitness courses as he really was the dog that taught me fitness plays a huge role in agility. Stig has competed at AKC National Agility Championships, AKC EO Tryouts in 2017, and UKI US Open in 2018 and 2019. In 2019, at 8 years old, he placed 3rd in Speedstakes 22" at the US Open.


Ghost is an Australian Shepherd born in 2013. She is my primary agility dog and the keeper of my heart. She has competed at EO Tryouts in 2019 and the UKI US Open in 2018 and 2019. She had top 10 finishes both years. She placed 2nd at the Pacific Northwest Regional Grand Prix 20" in 2019. She is currently qualified to compete at AKC National Agility Championships in 2021, as well as AKC EO Tryouts and AKC World Team Tryouts in 2021. 


Watson is a 2018 Border Collie model from Japan. I fell in love with his mother at the 2017 USDAA Cynosports where she won the Grand Prix. He is the perfect blend of a wonderful family dog and a crazy agility competitor. 


Finnick is a Border Collie imported from the UK in 2019. He is showing amazing talent and promise on the agility field. 

Course Classes


Please regularly check the General Forum - I will be posting announements there.

The General Forum is for EVERYONE to post general questions or discussions. Please DO NOT post video of your homework or exercises in the General Forum.

I will be taking Sundays off from forums. 


Please upload videos to YouTube before adding the video reference into the box above. The video reference can be found when viewing a video by clicking on the SHARE link. You will then see a box with a link usually something like http://youtu.be/wb3Uz3bCBU8 the reference in this instance would be wb3Uz3bCBU8. This reference should be added on its own without http://youtu.be/ infront of it.

Analyze Your Dog's Jumping - (Closed)

Learning Objectives:

Develop your eye for analyzing jumping.

Understand and identify the 5 phases of jumping.

Analyze your dog's extension jump


Baseline Jump Grids - (Closed)

Learning Objectives

Finding the appropriate spacing for for your dog to bounce through a baseline grid.

Understanding how to use the grid as a plyometric exercise.

Baseline Jump Grid to Full Height Jump - (Closed)

Learning Objectives:

Understanding stride management for full height jumps.


Tuck Sit - Push Forward Stand - Rock Back Sit - Kickback Stand - (Closed)

Learning Objectives:

Understand and be able to do each part of the exercise separately and in good form

Chain the behaviors together to create an advanced exercise

Add equipment to change the difficulty

Sit Jump Grid - (Closed)

Learning Objectives

Strengthening the rear legs specifically for jumping.

Teaching the dog to push off the rear legs to jump more efficiently.

Baseline In the Middle Grid - (Closed)

Learning Objectives:

Using the Baseline Grid to help the dog understand strides between jumps.

Declarative Jump Offering - (Closed)

Learning Objectives

Jumping full height without momentum.

Teaching the dog to understand that jumps in close proximity to you should be jumped. 

Equal strength jumping to the left and jumping to the right.

Equal understanding for how to jump the front side and the back side.

Wing Figure 8s - (Closed)

Learning Objectives

Understanding how to set up a Figure 8 exercise. 

Using the wing and jump rail to create a Figure 8 exercise that still requires thinking and stride regulation.

Progressing the exercise to get more speed and more deceleration.

Hands And Feet - (Closed)

Learning Objectives

Clear understanding of Front Paw Targets

Clear understanding of Rear Paw Targets

Clear understanding of moving forwards and moving backwards.

Chaining all the behaviors together to create the Hands and Feet exercise.

Hops <-> Hiccup - (Closed)

Learning Objectives

Learn and preform the Hop.

Learn and preform the Hiccup.

Chain both exercises together to create the Hop to Hiccup exercise.

Equipment Jumps (Box Jumps) - (Closed)

Learning Objective

Understand reactive type fitness classes especially plyometrics.

Learn the set up for Equipment Jumps.

Understand the correct way to do the Equipment Jump exercise.

Understand how to progress the exercise.

Collection/Extension Grid - (Closed)

Learning Objective

Learn the set up for collection/extension grid.

Use the grid to help your dog understand when they can extend their stride and when to collect their stride to appropriately jump with good form.

Height Grid - (Closed)

Learning Objective

Using grids to help your dog find the right striding to get a balanced jump arc over a full height jump.

Cavaletti Work - (Closed)

Learning Objectives

Learn how to set up the cavalettis for your dog.

Build strength by doing repetitions of trotting through the cavalettis.

Understand how to progress the cavaletti set up.

Accelerate/ Decelerate - (Closed)

Learning Objective

Understand how to take Equipment Jumps to a Single Jump to get acceleration and deceleration.


Burpees - (Closed)

Strength and Skill in one!

Down - Jump - Down

Equipment - 1 Jump

Bonus: Jumping Workout - (Closed)

Learning Objective

Taking some of the exercises you've learned in the class and putting them together in a work out. 

Understand the importance of a warm up and cool down and what type of exercises belong in those categories.

The Total Canine Online Membership - (Closed)

Thank you guys so much for a great class!