Puppy online! ( 8 weeks to 6 months)

Trainer: Toni Dawkins
Duration: 8 weeks between 24-04-2020 and 12-06-2020
Launch: Currently Running

Course Details


For me, the first six months of my pups life is about making me the most important/fun thing to them. I want my pup to find playing, training, chasing all more exciting with me than other dogs and other people. I have recently added other chickens to this as I now have chickens roaming free in my garden!
Secondly, I have a list of things that affect agility but are not agility, simple things like: recalls, bringing toys back, swapping from food to toys and back, self control, drive, focus, manners around other dogs and people.
Third, are things that are the start of agility training, floor work, proprioception, tricks to help body awareness and actually more importantly help us learn about how our pup learns.
So, you can see this is a lot of things and what frustrates me the most as a trainer is that most people start the equipment without doing very much of the above, then wonder why they have problems. I once timed a lady in a 1:1 each time she tried to get her dog back. She spent 50% of the lesson doing this!! Plus, got frustrated with her dog.
We don't expect perfection, they are puppies but the more we can help now the more fun our agility will be for both of us.

Most of what we will do can be done in your own home, those who know me well, know that I do not go outside, there is no expensive equipment needed and no agility equipment at all, although I do have a bit of a contact board that I use sometimes.
If needed I will video what I am doing or put some lessons on for you, I want this to be about your pups not mine, although I will use her training to help if ness. You can put videos on and ask as many questions as you like. I have a crazy friend who will be giving tips on recalls and collar grabs, she is crazy so be warned.

The only thing I would like is that you have an open mind, I don't want to hear 'you cant train a (terrier,MAS,poodle etc.) like a collie'. We are training and playing with dogs and although sometimes need a good imagination as to how they learn best, there are not as many breed specifics as you would think. I have had six collies and could not train any the same, I have also had a sheltie, a rough collie and two MAS. The border collies gave me the most headaches!

We start on Monday 8th January 2018 but I would like to get everyone in by then to introduce yourselves and your pups before we start. 


Any questions, shout

Course Classes

Week one Lesson 1 - (Closed)

First week! This week we will cover; 1. Rewards toy/food both? What I wanted to see from today is if any pups have a preference and whether this is ok for us. Think about what you are happy with, you can train with only food and only toys but I prefer both. Food for thinking and toys for craziness Also if you want a jackpot praise then you can give both I will give you some games to raise motivation for both. With young pups keep both rewards separate for a while. Some of the older pups I am asking to mix a little. 2. Recalls 3. Crate training (start) 4. Hand touch game and self control around food While your pup is young and before you are their best friend, do not take them to watch agility, especially if they are getting over excited. It's very easy to have a calm dog around the rings. It's not easy if they learn to scream at this stage. It's also not true that a noisy excited puppy while watching will therefore be good at agility. My highest drive dog will sleep while by the rings

Week one Lesson 2 - (Closed)

Hand touches Good control

Week one Lesson 3 - (Closed)

Starting Crate games

Week one Lesson 4 Recalls - (Closed)

First recall video

Week one Lesson 5 - (Closed)

Helping with toy motivation

Week two (1) - (Closed)

What we will be covering this week

Week Two (2) Collar Grab - (Closed)

Week two (3) front paw trick - (Closed)

Week two (4) collar grab 2 - (Closed)

Week two (5) - (Closed)

Fear paw awareness

Week three (1) - (Closed)

Outline of week 3

Week three (2) on off switches - (Closed)

Starting on off switches

Week three (3) - (Closed)

Toy swapping

Week four (1) - (Closed)

Outline of week 4

Week four (2) - (Closed)

A chiropractors point of view What should we be doing and when

Week four (Recall 3) - (Closed)

Week five (lessons) - (Closed)

List of week five lessons

Week five (2) - (Closed)

Turns videos

Week six (1) - (Closed)

Floor work

Week six (2) - (Closed)

Starting send arounds

Week 7 (1) - (Closed)

More toy games

Week 7 (2) - (Closed)

Bit of impulse control Leave the toy and take notice of me This was her first go so she is on the lead and has to eat the food , turning away from the toy before she can have it

Week 8 (1) - (Closed)

Wait training

Week 8 (2) - (Closed)

Wait training 2

Week 8 (3) - (Closed)

Wait training 3

Week 8 (4) - (Closed)

Wait training 4

Week 8 (5) - (Closed)

Wait training 5

Week 8 (on/off switch) - (Closed)

Working on our on/off switches