Running A-Frame (just starting or wanting to improve)

Trainer: Toni Dawkins
Duration: 8 weeks between 30-11-2017 and 27-01-2018
Launch: Course starts in 4 day(s), 12 hour(s) and 41 minutes

Course Details


I have been teaching running a-frames for the last eleven years, both to my own dogs and others. Its really very easy and much simpler to handle than a stop contact method.

In this course we will start from the very beginning, looking at how to reward the correct behaviour so that your dog easily understands.

From lowered a-frame to full height

Verbal cues


How to handle in sequences

Winter is the perfect time to re-, train and start next season with a new, faster behaviour

If you are starting a young dog they must be over 12 months

You are welcome to join if you already have a running and wish to improve or, have encountered problems


About Toni Dawkins

Course Classes

Week one( lesson one)

Training our reward

Manners Minder/treat and train

Hand touch for targeting

Week one (Lesson two)

First session on lowered a-frame