Psoas and Shoulder Injury Prevention

Trainer: Bobbie
Duration: 6 weeks between 01-12-2017 and 12-01-2018
Launch: Course starts in 7 day(s), 3 hour(s) and 53 minutes

Course Details

At Sign up - general information and foundation skills

Week 1 - what and where is the Psoas, where are common injuries in the shoulder, strength exericses 

Week 2 - Structure and how it affects function, warm up, strength exercises 

Week 3 - Causes, signs and predisposition to injury, lateral strength exericses 

Week 4 - Everyday activity and contribute to injury, strengtth specific to twisitng motion 

Week 5 - Diagnostics, program design, strength exercises 

Weej 6 - Taking it all in, and Stretching/flexibility

Taught by Bobbie Lyons CCFT, KPA-CTP. FP-MTI, Cert CF


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